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Life Saving Staff Gift

As part of our employee wellbeing programme, Saint Gobain engaged with Connie Danaher of Irish ICE cards as we felt this initiative would be very beneficial to our staff.


Connie came on site, discussed what ICE cards entail and how Saint Gobain were gifting their employees the card for both themselves and their families.


Saint Gobain found Connie extremely professional, engaging, the whole process for our staff was effortless and totally confidential.


I would highly recommend Connie and Irish ICE cards and our staff were delighted with their gift.
Saint Gobain
Jan 2023

How an Irish ICE Card Saved My Friend's Life

"I have a good friend who suffers with type 1 diabetes. He isn't the best lad at looking after himself, and occasionally has a few more beers than he should and can be a tad forgetful with his meds. He is a bachelor and lives on his own. He had a significant birthday recently, and had an enjoyable night out with the lads.

Next day he was doing the messages and became unwell. Due to his behaviour and smell of last nights party, it was assumed he was drunk. They propped him in a chair and left him to his own devices. We think approximately 30 minutes later he collapsed, so the Garda were called.

On arrival and checking his pocket, his ICE card was located. The newly trained Garda recognised the symptoms and called for an ambulance. He was in hospital for 2 days and if an ambulance was not called thanks to his ICE card, he may have slipped into a diabetic coma. Hence I decided that the card has real value and am currently passing on the word.

Hope this testimonial in some small way helps someone else - a simple, but so important and possibly life saving aid."
Mar M
Co. Clare.
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my ICE card. It's put my mind at ease and it's a wonderful invention. Everyone should have one.
Co. Clare.
"Hi there – thanks a mil for cards – delighted with them. Heard about them on Clare FM and the Clare Champion – think it is a mighty idea – best of luck!"
Co. Clare.
"When I was a student at college you always heard sad stories of people going missing after nights out or being so drunk on that they were kicked out of night clubs and no one knew who they were when trying to help them. We have all made the mistake of one too many drinks and when I first heard about ICE Cards I thought it was a great idea for keeping you safe on a night out or if you are out away from home. I always take my ICE Card with me now when heading on a night out. It is security to know that if I lose my phone, my battery dies or if something should happen to me, that I have important contact numbers at hand."
Ciara D
"I got my ICE card as a gift from my brother, I’m so glad I did as it literally was a lifesaver when I recently had a black out and called West Doc from my phone. I was alone in my home and could not remember any of my contacts as my phone just died after the Dr on call came, he was very hesitant to leave me on my own and wanted to find someone to come stay with me and because I had my ICE card in my bag he was able to contact one of the numbers on the card. I was very weak from the fall and needed some help as I have fibromyalgia and I often fall. I’m so thankful you have made these cards, they can save your life and when a person has so many illnesses that cause them to fall or pass out. Indeed in all walks of life this card would be very useful to carry with you, at a very reasonable price for something that could possibly save your life."
Tuam, Co. Galway.
"Hi Connie, thanks for making my ICE Card. It came in handy to me. I was on my holidays in Killarney, Co. Kerry earlier this year and I got very sick there and had to go to see a doctor. I only had to hand in my ICE card and all my medications were on it. The Doctor said it was very handy to have one. Anywhere I go I always have it in my handbag."
Kilfenora, Co. Clare.
"I’ve had my ICE card for years and I find great comfort having it with me at all times. I have one for my purse and one for my phone case. I have a sense of security with my ICE card as it holds all my critical information."
"Dear Connie, Only recently I saw on Facebook about the ICE Card, so upon further investigation, I decided this is what I need as I’m a Diabetic Type 2. I’m also into running very much and there have been a few times where I did take a few weak turns. But thanks to the ICE Card now, I’ve more peace of mind if anything should happen. The card is always with me now. I can’t recommend this card highly enough, brilliant idea to have and great knowing how useful this card can be in the event of an accident. I was so amazed how prompt you were when I received my card less than 2 days after ordering. I also received a few leaflets about the cards which I will gladly pass onto a few people whom I know will benefit from them. Thank you once again for giving me peace of mind, wishing you all the success."
Co. Donegal.

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