ID Cards for children and teens

Children's Identity Cards - Asthma, Diabetes

Parents will have peace of mind with a identity card for their child

In Case of Emergency Cards (ICE) come to the rescue.

An identity card in your child’s school bag, sports bag, pencil case or phone case can give so much peace of mind to parents/guardians. When your child is out and about on school trips, matches or sports days and needs a little help, your child’s ICE card will provide vital information such as medical conditions, allergies or specific medications.

An ICE card works just like an id bracelet or id chain (but secretly we know children do not like wearing these all the time). An ICE card is discreet and has all the information printed on a waterproof handy card.

So,  if their phone battery dies – their ICE card can come to the rescue and will have key names and numbers of immediately family, so they are never stuck.

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