Connie Danaher, Irish ICE Cards and Kieran O’Leary CEO Diabetes Ireland. …….

Irish ICE Cards and Diabetes Ireland have teamed up together.

Starting from 1st April, Irish ICE Cards will donate €5 to Diabetes Ireland from every card sold to assist in research into the cause and cure of Diabetes.

ICE Cards save lives by giving first responders key information in the event the card holder is in an accident or becomes unwell. In addition, ICE cards, through the donation to Diabetes Ireland, help fund research into cause, prevention and cure of Diabetes, therefore saving lives and making life easier for people with Diabetes.

ICE cards are not just for people with Diabetes, many family members with other medical conditions and indeed no medical conditions have ICE cards in their purses, wallets and school bags.

We have heard some amazing stories of ICE cards coming to the rescue for our customers:

“My husband suffers from dementia and so I bought 4 ICE cards, one for each of his jacket pockets. It reassures me to know that someone will be able to help him if he is confused or lost” – Anonymous, Dublin

“I left my purse in a restaurant and before I even realised it was missing; the restaurant had called me to say found it. At first I couldn’t figure out how they were able to contact me and then the restaurant told me that they had seen my ICE Card!” – Jennifer, Limerick

“I always take my ICE Card with me when heading on a night out. It is security to know that if I lose my phone, my battery dies or if something should happen to me, that I have important contact numbers at hand” – Ciara Danaher

There are so many other good reasons to have an ICE card – if your phone battery dies, if you have any allergies, find numbers at a glance for an elderly relative and it is ideal for children to put in a sports bag or school bag.

“We at Diabetes Ireland are very happy to work together with Irish ICE Cards on this new idea which we feel will be of great benefit to people not only with Diabetes but many other medical conditions. We are also delighted to receive a donation of €5 to Diabetes Ireland from every ICE card sold through the enclosed leaflet and online” said Kieran O’Leary, CEO Diabetes Ireland.

An ICE Card is peace of mind that your children, parents, family members and friends can be helped when they need it most.

An Irish ICE Card can become the most valuable item in your wallet or purse – it could save your life.