FAQ’s – The most frequently asked questions!

Q. Will my ICE Card tear or fade?

A – Your ICE card has a lifetime guarantee.  We don’t expect anything to happen to your ice card as it is made of high quality PVC  – but if it does we will replace it free of charge (with the same information as is printed on your card).

Q. I have a lot of medical conditions – how will they all fit on my ICE card?

A –We recommend printing the key medical conditions on the front of your card – just under your photo and as all the rest on the back of the card.  There is plenty of space on the back to accommodate a lot of information.

Q. I don’t want a photo on my card – can you print one without a photo?

A –Yes of course, just choose the type of card you prefer – with or without photo.

Q. I don’t know how to upload photos – how can I get a card with my photo on it?

A – That is no problem, just post your photo and your details to us and we will look after everything for you and get your card in the post to you within one week.

Q. I travel a lot – can you print my card in a foreign language?

A – Yes – we can print your card in any language, you just supply the translation and consider it done.

Q. I don’t want to put a medical condition on my ICE card (even though I have one).

A – You don’t have to put a medical condition on your card, even if you have one.  It is completely up to you.  Highlighting a medical condition is helpful  in a medical emergency however as you will have family names and numbers on your card, they will supply the necessary medical information if required.

Q. I don’t have any medical condition – can I still get a card?

A – Yes of course, many people get an ICE card who do not have a medical condition, for the convenience of having family names and numbers on their card – in case their phone battery dies.

Q. Do I have to put full names on my ICE card? – I don’t like putting my surname on anything.

A – You don’t have to put surnames if you don’t want – you can just put first names and numbers – ie Mary (wife) 087 1234567.

Q. Can I get the ‘Family Deal’ for people who are not in my direct family?

A – Yes of course, once you go for the deal of buy 3 cards get the 4th card free – you can give the cards to anyone – friends, neighbours etc.

Q. If my medical conditions change and my card needs to be updated do I have to pay the full price for a new card?

A – We understand the importance of your ICE card and once you become a customer a replacement card, due to change in medical conditions, is half price of new card.

Q. I’d like to give a gift of an ICE card to my friend but I don’t know the information she would need on her card, how can I give her a gift?

A – Simply give her an ICE card gift voucher and she can then fill in the details of what she would like on her card.  Our ICE card Gift Vouchers are a life saving gift.

Q. I am a member of a club and think this would be great for all the members – do you do deals for large groups?

A – Yes – we would do a special deal for large groups – just send us the enquiry in our contact box (click link here).

Q. I live alone and have 2 dogs.  If anything happened to me, no one would know about my dogs, can you print on my card that I have dogs at home that need to be looked after?

A – Yes, we can print any information you  require that is specific to your needs.

Q. Do I have to put my next of kin on my card? I’d rather put my friends and neighbours.

A – You can print any contacts you like on your card.

Q. Where are the ICE Cards printed?  I like to buy Irish.

A – All our ICE cards are printed in Ireland, in Co. Clare in fact, so your cards are a 100% Irish printed product.

Q. I am a member of a club – can you print our logo on our ICE Cards.

A – Yes – we can print your logo or any club information (ie meeting times, club rules etc) on your ICE cards.

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