Disability ID card

Disability identity card

In Case of Emergency Cards (ICE) come to the rescue.

An identity card in your purse or wallet can give so much peace of mind (to the cardholder and to the family members of the person with a disability). When out and about if someone needs a little help, their ICE card will provide vital information that could make all the difference. It works like an id bracelet or id chain (but secretly we think its better as people always like to have their ICE card on them in a wallet, purse or even a phonecase.

An ICE card is discreet and having it in a wallet or purse is ideal – as this is the first place that first responders go to when someone needs a bit of help.

* It communicates the person’s disability as well as any other medical information

* It holds important contact names and numbers

* It has the cardholders name, photo and phone no

It can contain individual messages (ie \I don’t like bright lights) – so a first responder can understand the best way to assist easily.

* Are discreet (we know that people don’t like wearing medical ID bracelets, chains etc)

*Gives peace of mind to relatives of cardholder knowing that they will get the best help fast

*Key ring fob will direct the first responder to the ICE card in wallet, purse or phonecase

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